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Positionlights for drones - starboard & portside



If you'll to use your UAV after sunset (SS+30), you'll need special approval. These positionlights will reduce the danger potentials while using your UAV by night. Also you can write it down to your risk assesment document which is very important while during a flight here in germany.


Bullet points:


  • no drilling, glueing or screwing
  • no danger zone while operating rotors
  • no dissembling while DJI Inspire 1 or DJI Inspire 2 is in transport mode
  • internal energy power

Positionlights for drones - starboard & portside

Artikelnummer: SERA_POS_201802_EN
  • Illumination:

    • Starboard light (green
    • Portside light (red)
    • 3 LED per illumination unit
    • 160 Lumen illumination power
    • Wather proofed
    • 4 hours operational
    • Mini-USB charging
    • 10.000 h endurance
    • Internal rechargeable battery



    1. Permanent light
    2. Permanent dim light
    3. Flashing
    4. Bolt

    These modes you can change while pressing a button on the unit.

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